Live Broadcast & Virtual Studio

Live broadcast by remote control – we take care of everything you need for a professional broadcast, down to the last detail!

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Live Broadcast

Live broadcast on a variety of media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Vimeo, and on any of your websites

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Virtual studio

Designing a virtual studio.
Creating a virtual event that includes stage simulation, yes you can do an event on the moon 🙂

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Green screen

Professional video shooting in a green studio

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Live fundraising software

Fundraising software that is updated throughout the live broadcast and is connected to the fundraising data and matches the design of the event

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Concept design

Design and animation of your broadcast, names of speakers and various graphic additions to the frame of the broadcast screen

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Broadcast advertising and marketing

How did the audience know to watch your broadcast? Broadcast promo - editing a promotional video adapted to the event, which will bring your audience to the right place

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