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What is our story?

We’ve probably already met.

At an event, a concert or even live.
Nice to meet you, we are Visual-Live, the team behind the screens, the designs, the animations and the show behind the scenes.

so lets start…

We have been on the production map (since 2008) for more than a decade.

In the company’s rich repertoire, we have recorded successful performances by countless artists throughout the country and the world.
Among them: Avraham Fried, Eyal Golan, Ethnics, Mosh Ben Ari, Gad Elbaz,  Moshe Peretz, Sharit Haddad, Skazi,  Lipa Shmeltzer, Mordechai Ben David, Yaakov Shawaki, Meshina, Kobi Peretz, Rami Kleinstein, Rita, Eden Hasson, Eden Ben Zaken, Nasreen Kadri and more…

We specialize in creating content for state events, corporate events, conferences, performances and more…

Our winning team consists of a planning department, a professional studio department and event department.

When everyone works together to make your vision happen!

When design, animation and screens


The three


Visual-Live is built from 3 departments. Planning, studio and field events.
who work together in close cooperation -
May your event (dream) come out accurate and perfect!


Planning screen design and building a concept for the event using advanced methods:
LED screens, building mapping, hologram, simulations and 3D...

web icons


Building a design concept for the event, designing and creating video content, editing, animation and motion graphics.

web icons


!We are with you in the field!
VJ Live, live broadcasts, and virtual stages

Among our clients

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