Fundraising Events

Fundraising events in full compliance with the client’s request: fundraising software, registration stations, interactive stations and more…

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Fundraising / Goal software

Fundraising / Goal software for display on LED screens, projection or on a live broadcast screen, in a design adapted to the concept of the event

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Registration and seating stations

Registration and seating positions according to the customer's data according to the structure of the hall

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Workers team

A team of field workers to accompany the event process, starting from the registration / resettlement stage, until the stage of entering the donations / goals

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Entering donation/goal information

Data entry by various means: tablets, text messages, WEB application or phone call

Barcode scanner station

Reception by barcode scanning. and entering data by scanning a barcode

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Fundraising report

At the end of the event, you receive a detailed Excel report with the data of donations and achievements, the details of the donors and their arrival information

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